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Microblading Classes

In Just Two Days Learn Everything You Need to Safely, Legally, & Effectively Perform Beautiful, Lucrative Eyebrow Microblading

Below You Will Find all the Information You Need to Learn this Lucrative Craft


What exactly is microblading?

Microblading is a newer method of brow tattooing that mimics the look of natural eyebrows hairs. Microblading is done by adding very fine color pigmentation to the upper layer of skin. Eyebrows are semi-permanent and last 10-14 months. The process, on average, takes 2 hours per client. The service cost typically ranges from $400-$800 per client.

Why Should I Offer Microblading?

Microblading is by far the newest and most EXCLUSIVE brow sculpting technology available on the market. There are currently few known leading providers of Microblading. As a beauty professional, you could offer your clients another option to brow maintenance that delivers semi-permanent results, with minimal upkeep and grooming required.


Who is the perfect client for microblading?

Microblading is perfect for the women on the go who want to maintain their appearance. Being that your brows shape/frame your face, they can make an impression about who you are before you even get a chance to speak. For a busy working professional, the time needed to groom and upkeep brows might not work with her lifestyle. With this procedure, you can save clients time and money on brow services that they prospective clients might not have. Other special populations include individuals with eyebrow scarring or medical conditions such as hair loss resulting from chemotherapy or alopecia. Variations of microblading may also be used to mimic hair lines. Even clients who just want better looking brows are strong candidates, as well as celebrities.

What does the class include and cover?

Learning Objectives:

  1. The class covers the legality of Microblading and what licenses are required. We also cover sanitation and bloodborne pathogens. You are required to complete a portion of training before the actual date of the class.
  2. Color Matching: Selecting the correct color for client’s skin and brow tone.
  3. Shapes: Choosing the right size, style, and design to match your customer’s face.
  4. Stroking & Pressure: The correct direction of strokes for most natural look. You’ll also learn the correct amount of pressure to apply.

Upon completion your starter kit includes a certificate of completion.

What about the kit?

The kit includes the items you will need to begin perfecting your craft, including several practice skins. Once you complete the course, it is imperative that you practice while you are in the process of completing your licensure so that you may practice legally. Each Kit Includes:


  • Tote
  • 3 Pigments
  • 1 Eyebrow Pencil
  • 1 slanted tweezers
  • 1 Measuring Tool
  • 10 Disposable Blades
  • 10 Disposable Pigment Rings
  • 10 Prep Pads
  • 10 mascara brushes
  • 2 numbing cremes
  • 1 small scissors
  • 2 Practice Skins
  • 1 Biomedical Waste Container
  • 1 Instruction Manual w/ Sample Waivers
  • 1 Framed Certificate of Completion

 Enough products to service your first 10 clients.

    How long is the microblading class?

    There are two options. A one day class and a two day intensive. Your decision about which class to take should depend on your budget and availability. If you are tight on time and class the one day class is best. If you have a larger budget and can spare two days, the 2 day class is recommended. The two day option just allows more time for practice. All classes are hands on and taught by licensed estheticians who are also licensed tattoo artists. 

    Microblading Student Application 2018

    Individual and group classes available in Plantation & Jacksonville, FL

    Microblading for Success

    1 Day Class: $1,800

    2 Day Class: $2,500