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8 Ways to Attract New Eyelash Extension Clients Today!

  1. Take CLEAN before and after pictures of your lash extension work. Potential clients need to be able to see clean/dramatic before and after pictures!
  2. Figure out a company name and use it for everything! You want to create a BRAND and familiarity!
  3. Get 500 4x6 flyers printed and distribute them ALL in 30 days. This alone will create a “buzz.”
  4. Are there people who you can partner with? Is there a shop where you can work until you get your own clients? Don’t be afraid to work with other beauty professionals such as hair stylists or nail techs.
  5. Get a card reader for your smartphone and offer credit or debit payment options to your clients. The more payment options you have the more willing a customer is to give you their business.
  6. Bundle services. What do you do/sell besides lashes? Incorporate waxing, threading, body wrapping, teeth whitening, hair extensions, makeup, etc. You want to get as much money from each customer as possible! “Don’t leave any money on the table!”
  7. Instagram & Facebook are great resources! Have social media accounts dedicated to your lash or your beauty business ONLY. ONLY POST YOUR WORK! NOTHING PERSONAL!
  8. Create business cards with a $5 off coupon on the back of the card. Give them to your clients to distribute! Was this information helpful?

Was this information helpful?



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